My favorite place to go! I used to spend way too much at an AVEDA salon and did not get great results, or just do my own nails…now I just go here! Wonderful, always upbeat staff that produce great work. They’ll chat with you and get to know you, or if you’re not a big talker (I usually like to just zone out), they’ll let you to yourself too. Prices are great. Walk-ins are welcome, and they can usually squeeze you in, but I recommend making an appointment so you don’t miss out! 🙂- Stephanie M., Marshall, WI
I was visiting from out of town and needed a relaxing mani/pedi experience. The service was far more personal than what you come to expect these days! The shop is immaculate, the staff is friendly and engaged, and actually takes time with each client. Lovely nails, little break from stress, what could be better???- Barb G., Park Ridge, IL
Went last week and got the BEST pedicure I’ve ever had! The staff was incredibly nice and I’ve never received such a wonderful massage after my pedicure was over! I will never go anywhere else in Madison for nail services, and I’m telling all my friends!- Alicia C., Madison, WI
Simply the best nail salon in Madison!! Clean, friendly and outstanding work from everyone. You can’t get a better mani/pedi in Madison. I can’t say enough positive things about this place! It’s also a lot like Cheers, everyone knows your name and remembers you too.- Madison F., Sun Prairie, WI
Great service & very friendly! However, call ahead of time or even make an appointment.. They are really busy all the time!- Heather K., Menomonie, WI
I love coming here to get my nails done. They have amazing workers and everyone joins in a conversation and the prices are so affordable 🙂- Rose P., Madison, WI
Staff here is verrrry friendly and does a great job! I’ve been coming here for 3 years and haven’t turned back since!- Amber S., Madison, WI
What a great job they do…walked in and all the chairs were full, but I somehow got taken care of within minutes. Great, great atmosphere…well worth the extra 10 bucks or so for quality work.- Tiffany S., San Diego, CA
My bridal party and I went here for manicure/pedicures the day before my wedding, and we were all very happy with the service, staff, and price! Everyone’s nails looked beautiful for the wedding and my pedicure is still going strong even a week later. The staff there were all very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended!- Jessica J., Denver, CO
This was my first time here and I LOVED it! I loved everything about this place! The staff is wonderful; they gave me an AMAZING pedi and I haven’t had a massage on my legs and feet that felt that good in a very long time! This is going to be my new home for pedi’s!- Alicia M., Madison, WI
This place REALLY is as good as it gets! Jason, Lisa and Marcus do an exceptional job with fills or the new non-chip polish that stays on for 2 weeks. Their pedicures are also great. The salon is clean too! They steam clean their tile floors every night! Love their salon and won’t go anywhere else. Prices are good too. Try it and you won’t go anywhere else.- Ellen S. , Middleton, WI
Excellent service, kind staff. I read about this nail salon on yelp and decided to check it out. I got a French manicure gel/shellac and a pedicure for a great price. I highly recommend this nail salon. I made an appointment, arrived earlier than planned, and they fit me in with no problems. Highlight: staff and clients must have been in excellent moods because everyone was making jokes and were very relaxed with each other. That made it a nice experience for an out-of-towner.- Melodie G. , Salt Lake City, UT
Jason is the bomb! I love him. I live in PA now, but every time I’m back in Madison I make it a point to get a pedi and a fill there. I really miss Jason and the whole La Vie gang. They always greet you with a smile, and everyone knows your name. Highly recommend…no other nail salon in the Madison area comes close to the level of service they provide to their clients. Just returned for a visit, and my friend and I went for mani-pedis. Still amazing service. I love this place… makes me want to move back to WI!- Cynthia S., Coatesville, PA
La Vie is the cleanest and friendliest nail spa I’ve visited in this area. They have equipment assigned to me that is only used on me, and I like that. My acrylic overlays last 3-4 weeks between fills and since I get an American manicure each time, I don’t even need to touch up my polish in between fill appointments. I’m forever getting compliments on my hands and the credit goes to La Vie’s skilled technicians and commitment to their customers.- Tamara Marini, Sun Prairie, WI
I am from out of town and just walked in… They are fabulous. The quality of work is incredible. I’ll be back.- Carol Roquette
The individuals here at this nail salon and spa are very sweet and nice. They speak wonderful English and are easily understood. They did my nails the way that I wanted them done and took their time doing them. I have had both manicure, pedicure, and a full set from them and have been very pleased each time! Their prices are very reasonable for the work they do and the staff is friendly. The building is clean and the bathroom is lovely! Go here if you want a great experience!- Dee Law
First I would like to say Thank You to all the staff for being so polite and courteous, nail techs that actually speak to you and have an interest. This shop is the cleanest and most sanitary! Marcus, you do a wonderful pedicure! I highly recommend this nail salon.- Genny
Just had to tell you how thrilled I was to find your salon! I was so impressed with the cleanliness and services. Marcus did a spectacular job on both my pedicure (very relaxing!) and manicure. I’ll be back soon with friends in tow.- Lyn Fried
I’ve been referred to this new salon by a very dear friend. After getting our nails done for years at another salon, we have chosen to change to this salon for many personal reasons. One main reason is they show they care, and it’s extended to each individual customer. The place is extremely clean and sanitized at all times. This is very important to us. We plan to be loyal customers indefinitely. We’ll recommend this nail salon to anyone. Thank you Jason, Lisa & Marcus for your smiles & dedication.- Chris
I highly recommend this place. It is by far the cleanest nail shop in Madison. They bleach the pedicure tubs after each use and sterilize everything. If it is not sterilized, it is brand new. And they also speak to you and remember your name. It is a highly personalized place. I always go here. Call ahead as everyone knows this too…so it is super busy.- Anonymous